Sweet Success

There are few business ventures more secure, than investing in a company with nearly a century of experience!  The phrase, “Only time will tell” is spot on when it comes to Farr Better Ice Cream.  Over the course of the past 100 years,  Farr Better executives have been able to test what works and what doesn’t. They’ve had the time necessary to perfect the Farr Better approach to the food industry.  This kind of security is attractive to potential investors, who can rest easy knowing that their investment is backed by a tried and true, historically successful, well-known brand.

Your Future Begins In The Past

Imagine spending your “work” days surrounded by comfortable memories of childhood.  Bright colors, vintage inspired decor and the faint smell of chocolate and cream will transport you, your staff and your customers to a simpler time.  Just think… You could “Rock Around the Clock”  in your very own 1950’s inspired Farr Better Ice Cream location!

Purchasing a Farr Better franchise is streamlined and well tested.  Our team of professionals will work hand in hand with you; committed to your success.  The Farr Better franchise system is simple, but comprehensive. Years of experience allow us to offer designs and products to franchise owners with their success in mind.

Step Into Our Time Machine

Travel back in time to your VERY OWN soda shop of yesteryear! We’ll help you get started in a low cost business opportunity that will offer you the chance to achieve great profits! Our experienced team will explore your timeline, investment range, and key goals. This research is followed by a very direct, open, and honest dialogue with you, during which, we will “discover” if it makes sense to move further. Your success is our success and we take it very seriously.

The Farr Better Family

Smiles are our measuring stick! Success is contagious and you will find the Farr Better Ice Cream Family is full of people who love life, kids, a vintage feel and (of course) the most delicious food on the planet!

Our franchise owners work hard and have fun doing it! Everyone from our corporate staff, to our employees, to our family of owners is committed to success in providing an exceptional experience at EVERY Farr Better Ice Cream Location. The hours you put in will be rewarded through happy, loyal customers who patronize your business for generations to come.

So join the Farr Better Ice Cream Family! You can reach your financial dreams and earn your “just desserts!”

To learn more about franchise opportunities at Farr’s, please fill out the franchise application form and a representative from our franchise development team will contact you soon. For all other inquiries, please contact our Franchise Development Headquarters directly at (801) 478-4670.

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